Past Projects

Take a look at some of our past projects. Homesmith Architecture has had the great fortune to work with a diverse clientel from non-profits, small businesses, and families to camps, medical offices and an International Equestrian Event Center. Read on to learn more about the people and companies we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Detailed Designing

Blue Sky was looking for two things, an update in function and style for a space they were currently in, and a related design for a new office in Skyland. Homemith provided both Architecture and Interior Design for this client.


A History of Collaboration

When Tryon approached us, they had a problem to solve. They had already generated a facility to rival all others but needed help finding solutions to some of their on-site problems and ideas on how to expand projects already constructed. From there we went on to create new designs for restaraunts, lodges, bars, and condominiums. Tryon continues to be an exciting client to work with, always looking for cutting edge ideas.


Owner Builder Home

The Metlers had a less common vision in the home consturction industry. They wanted to physically build their own house, but asked HomeSmith to help them streamline their designs and desires. 


Incredible Results

Some clients who approach us are not sure what they’d like done, but XL knew exactly what they were looking for. We designed an entirely new space that would suit their needs and requirements and are pleased to say that they were very happy with the results.